Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tularosa Road

Click here to read the history of Tularosa. Tularosa road is 15 miles north of Brackettville, TX and its landscape is as much a part of Bud's work as Brackettville and
Eagle Pass. Tularosa is barely a blip in the annals of history, but it's a lovely place all the same. People have been hunting deer, and raising cattle and sheep in the Tularosa area since the late 1800's. Although, before that, this land belonged to the ancestors of Bud's wife, Nakai.

But Brackettville's history began in the mid-1800's. You can
read about Brackettville's history by clicking here. Bud Breen wasn't just an artist, he was a historian. He educated himself thoroughly on the history of the area. You can learn about Brackettville's history and the history of much of southwest Texas just by looking at his paintings of the old west.