Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Breen Gallery and Bud Breen present Sheriff Norman Hooten with an Original Bud Breen oil painting

Pictured above is the presentation by The Breen Gallery of "Kinney County Sheriff" to then sheriff, Norman Hooten. You can get a glimpse of Brackettville's most controversial sheriff in this Texas Ranger Memoir.

Norman was loved by pretty much all of us here in Brackettville, but he was what you might call... human. He did all he could for the community and more, but he wasn't perfect. Locals are still fiercely loyal to his memory.

Bud Breen seemed to have styled "Kinney County Sheriff" after Norman. The painting didn't look exactly like him, but there were strong resemblances, especially the leather vest. Norman was rarely seen that he wasn't wearing that leather vest. He was likely wearing it under his jacket in the photograph above.

The Breen Gallery already owned this painting when Jewel, the gallery owner, decided to gift Norman with it. Bud was called and asked to be there for the presentation. That's Bud Breen on the far left, then from left to right are Dixie Brown (Jewel's right hand woman for umpteen years), Jewel Robinson, and Sheriff Norman Hooten. It's easy to see Norman's signature on this photograph. But to see Bud's you'd have to click on the painting (which will enlarge it) then really really look because although it's there, it's difficult to see.


atmoritz said...

We have a beautiful Bud Breen Oil Painting on board that is untitled. It has two Indian braves hunting buffalo on horseback with bows and arrows. Can you tell us anything about it?

Western Art by Bud Breen said...

Beyond telling you that Bud painted it I don't know that I can fill you in much. But you are welcome to email us a photo it. Don't be too sure it's not titled. Sometimes he'd scrawl the title of a painting on the wood of the canvas frame, hard to spot but it was often there. Pen and pencil never worked great on that wood so it sometimes looks like it was scratched into the frame. I encourage you to examine it carefully. It wasn't often that he didn't title a painting.

atmoritz said...

I have examined the painting and frame very closely, and do not spot anything that looks like printing other then the signature on the painting itself. The painting measures 24 x 36 (not including the frame. where would you like me to e-amil the photo to?

Western Art by Bud Breen said...

How unfortunate! It really was rare for him not to do that.

You can email us at

I don't know if we can tell you anything useful. Was there something in particular you were hoping to find out about it?