Friday, September 7, 2007

Bud Breen Painting Images Online

Below are links to two different photo sites where I have uploaded some of our gallery's original Bud Breen paintings. This is not a complete catalog of our paintings and the prices are not listed. It's just an opportunity for you to browse through a portion of the gallery online. Some have been sold, not all that have sold have yet been marked as such. These sites weren't created for the public, per se, they're just a convenience for the gallery but I get a lot of email requests to see more photos so, here you go! The dimensions on them are a bit confusing, it's a long story as to why..... If you have questions about any of these paintings, just drop me a line that includes a link to the painting you want to know about, then I can get you more information on it. I can take more photos of specific paintings on request. -- Genie

Bud Breen Painting Images

More Bud Breen Painting Images


Dan said...

I have an original Breen painting in excellent condition - "Looking For Work" (#171) - any idea of it's worth?

Genie said...

You are welcome to email us about it at thebreengallery at gmail dot com. I can only give you an idea of what we would price it at. Mr. Breen was a prolific artist and we get two or three queries like this a month about his work. That might give you an idea of how many people are out there with Bud Breen paintings.