Saturday, August 1, 2009

Original Oil Painting by Bud Breen -- The Beginners

"The Beginners" a.k.a. "The Begainers"

"The Beginners," a 24x36 Bud Breen painting, is actually titled "The Begainers." Mr. Breen sometimes had his own way of spelling things.

The painting depicts a dance hall in the Old West. A banner over the door reads, "RANCHERS GET-TOGATHER." Another example of Breen's unique spelling or a play on words? Inside the dance hall the band plays on a low stage, sconces on the wall provide warm light, and couples dance their way around the room. The band's name is only partially revealed by their banner, "[?] RIVER BOYS," it reads.

Outside the hall horses are tethered and two children mimic their elders with as much proper dance hall etiquette as they can muster.

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