Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bud Breen -- Race Against Time -- SOLD -- 24 x 36 -- an Original Oil Painting depicting life in the Old West

Bud Breen loved incorporating comedy into his original western art as you can see in these two saloon paintings. The interior of the saloon depicted in "Race Against Time" above is typical of the many structures built in the late 1800's that are still standing here. They tend to be dark, were not really built to last (yet many still stand), and the style of those shelves can be seen in some of the historic buildings around Brackettville. ********* ********************* *************** ***********
I will try to add photos of such places as soon as I can. Bud Breen's work was meant to record history as well as to illustrate it. Or, at least, to illustrate Bud's impression of it. ********************** *************** ************* *****
"Race Against Time" is a 24 x 36 that we sold recently on Ebay. *********** **** ********** ********** ******* **************** ************
Below is, "And One For My Spotted Friend," another 24 x 36. I include it in this post because the bar has so many similar elements to the one above. Notice the similarity in the diamond shapes of the bar's front panel, the same bartender (mayhap someone Bud knew or, perhaps, someone he knew only in his mind), the same style of lamp, not to mention that yet another rider has ridden right on into the bar in direct defiance of the clearly posted sign that says, "No horses, no guns inside." "Spotted Friend" really is that red. But it looks much better in person. For some reason, Bud's reds and browns are hard for me to shoot on film.

All our Breens are originals. We don't make, sell, or handle prints or reproductions.

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